The r3 IT disposal process How does it work?

The following describes the r3 IT disposal process in chronological order. Most of the stages below are discussed in detail in the other pages in this section. We are in the process of producing a handy down-loadable PDF of this workflow which will appear right here very soon.

1. r3 quotation

Upon receipt of your disposal requirement (online, by phone or by email) we will provide a quotation of any applicable charges and a proposed collection date.

2. r3 collection

Having received instructions to proceed with the collection we will finalise a collection date and time. Upon collection of the equipment our collection staff will issue a Waste Transfer Note which is signed by both parties (this document must be kept for 2 years).

In the event of there being hazardous products within the collection, we will also issue a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note to meet your legal obligations under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, RoHS, regulations. (this document must be kept for 3 years). r3’s Waste Carriers Licence Number is TWE/674544/CB.

3. r3 asset management:

To ensure your company’s audit ability, r3 can provide a detailed inventory report  of each item collected containing make , model, serial number, asset number  and any other relevant details.  Any hard drives within hardware or loose are also listed. All traces of origin including tags, logos, labels, stickers and identification marks are removed.

4. r3 asset retirement / recovery:

For consignments subject to Asset Recovery, a detailed inventory report is prepared for all items.  Each item is assessed for possible remarketing and items requiring recycling are separated.  Items for remarketing are transferred to r3’s integration centre for  refurbishment and preparation for resale.

5. r3 integration and refurbishment:

Items to be refurbished and / or resold are thoroughly tested, faults are logged and repairs are carried out in accordance to your agreement.  All identifying labels and asset tags are removed, detailed specifications are prepared for resale.

6. r3 revenue generation:

Through our sales channels, we are confident that we can generate the highest revenue possible from our customers’ redundant IT equipment that is subject to the Asset Recovery Program. Revenue generated is either used to offset disposal costs or passed back to the customer.

At regular intervals during the process we will provide update reports to keep you informed of the progress of your consignment.

7. r3 data destruction:

All data bearing devices and media are wiped using binary level data wiping software or destroyed using a degausser and subsequently shredded.  r3 can provide certified data wiping to CESG Higher Level (Infosec 5) using Kroll Ontrack Erasure.

8. r3 recycling:

r3 are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) licenced by the Environmental Agency to recycle redundant IT equipment (category 3 WEEE).

r3’s Waste Management Licence Number is EA WML/100078.
r3’s Hazardous Waste Registration Number is  NSJ415.

9. r3 legal documentation:

As an Authorised Treatment Facility, upon receipt of a customer’s redundant IT, r3 issue a Duty of Care Certificate which legally disposes of the client’s liability for the received items.  The Duty of Care stipulates that the received items will be recycled in accordance with Guidance on Best Available Treatment, Recovery and Recycling Techniques (BATRRT) and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).  This is a condition of our Waste Management Licence against which we are frequently audited.