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A brighter future

Let r3 take care of your e-waste obligations to ensure your business remains within WEEE European Waste Legislation legally and ethically

A small price to pay for peace of mind!

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A different approach

r3 environmental solutions offer a different approach to the often complex world of IT disposal.

Helping our customers to understand their obligations and meet their responsibilities!

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A cleaner world

We can’t promise to turn a huge pile of e-waste into a field of flowering poppies but responsible IT disposal is one step we can help you with, and …

… perhaps we can stop the reverse!

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The r3 disposal process

Everything you ever wanted to know about our IT disposal process is just one mouse-click away! Explained in detail and in chronological order.

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r3 Asset Reporting

To provide a full audit trail of equipment disposed of, along with Duty of Care Certification, r3 can produce detailed asset reports. Click below for more info.

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All the latest news

Read about the latest recycling news, important laws and new e-waste legislation along with some more light-hearted articles too!

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What they say about r3

Always on time? Reliable? Trustworthy? Honest, unbiased feedback from r3 customers. Click below to see what our clients have to say about us.

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Discover more about r3 environmental solutions & responsible, reliable recycling?

At r3, we understand how critical data confidentiality and security is and can ensure the destruction of all data held on any equipment or media collected for disposal. Click below to find out more…

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If you are a reseller or service organisation that does not currently offer an asset retirement service partnering with r3 could benefit you and your customers. Click below to find out more…

r3 affiliate programs

At r3 we ensure that every step of the IT recycling process is taken care of for you. From the moment we receive your initial enquiry, right through to the moment you receive your official “Duty of Care” report.

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