r3 asset retirement / recovery Get the most out of your redundant IT

r3’s Asset Recovery and Retirement Services enable businesses to unlock the value of their redundant or end of life computer hardware, networking and communications assets.

The age, specifications and completeness of your redundant IT, along with your own disposal preferences, will determine the range of asset retirement / recovery options that are available to you.

We will work with you to identify the optimal solution to achieve cost effective disposal, maximise your returns and meet your company’s environmental, budget and data protection objectives.

Recycle, Refurbish or Resell?

Recycle – offset against non residual value items requiring recycling.

Refurbish – for re-deployment within your own company or other channels.

Resell – through r3’s established sales channels to recover revenue.

Upon receipt of your IT equipment r3 will produce a detailed asset report along with regular updates to provide ongoing status.

All data bearing devices will be data wiped, or – if being recycled – degaussed or shredded.

Items to be refurbished and / or resold are thoroughly tested, faults are logged and repairs are carried out in accordance to your agreement

All identifying labels and asset tags are removed

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