How secure is your company’s data?

Are you confident that your company’s sensitive data is really secure?

Well, check out this story (see link below) where someone actually purchased IT gear from a seller on eBay that still held vital, and classified, operating information that “kept planes in the air at Prestwick Airport”. Read more..

Recycling company fined for illegal exportation

How can you be sure that your chosen IT recycling company are operating “within the law”?
The following article, originally published in MicroScope contributor March 18, 2011 1:08 PM describes what can happen if you chose the wrong recycling partner. Read more..

EA’s “Waste Exports Intelligence Unit” gets tough

The Environment Agency’s special investigation department, the “Waste Exports Intelligence Unit”, are getting tough on the growing number of illegal -waste shipments abroad … as this story, direct from the Environment Agency’s own web site shows”. Read more..